About us

Belle Patisserie is run by Catherine Speirs, a passionate and self taught foodie and baker (and coeliac!), who learnt to cook by her mum’s side, growing up.

Belle Patisserie has been a long time coming for the university trained journalist, now turned baker, who is dedicated to growing and creating beautiful food for those around her. She has a strict “no fondant!” rule, preferring to allow the raw and natural beauty of homegrown flowers and herbs, fruit and nuts to bring her flavourbomb cakes to life.

All of the eggs used are laid by happy chooks who roam free on their 20 acre property all day. Many other ingredients used in her desserts are sourced locally – from the small batch Ford’s Lane honey in Kyneton to Beth Shan artisan jam in Woodend. Local always comes first!

According to Catherine “there is nothing more beautiful than nature and the produce that comes from it – my aim is translate this into my cakes, both visually, and right through to packing a punch with flavours using aromatic herbs and fruit that are in season and grown locally.”