Just vegan

Belle Patisserie creates range of vegan treats, that are also gluten free and naturally dairy free. Only the best quality nuts, cacao powder and virgin coconut oil are sourced as a base for most of the desserts and maple syrup is used as our sweetener.

Dark chocolate hazelnut bliss bombs (gf/df/veg/raw/refined sugar free)
Raw, nutty bliss balls made with cacao powder, hazelnuts and fresh dates, rolled in cacao nibs or pistachios
$2 per ball (min of 15)


Chia peach muesli slice (df/veg/raw/refined sugar free)
Chewy nuts, seeds, chia and soft dried peach make for a delicious filling breakfast or snack. (Note, these bars contain a small amount of rolled oats, which many coeliacs are sensitive to.)
8 bars for $28


Chocolate mousse cakes (gf/df/veg/raw/refined sugar free)
Creamy chilled chocolate mousse cakes on a chewy nut and buckwheat base, topped with chocolate nut butter, pistachio crumb and freeze dried raspberries. Also available in raspberries and cream, and mocha. (
12 for $48

mousse cakes

Chewy peanut butter squares (gf/df/veg/refined sugar free)
Reminiscent of the old fashioned rice bubble treat, these are sweet, salty and delectably chewy.
12 for $38


Chocolate maple chia puddings (gf/df/veg/raw/refined sugar free)
Soft chocolatey puddings topped with a delicious nutty crunch in individual verrine cups.
12 for $42


Coconut chia pudding with chocolate mousse (gf/df/veg/raw/refined sugar free)
Soft coconut pudding with a rich chocolate avocado mousse and crispy coconut flakes.
12 for $48


Raw cheesecake (df/gf/veg/refined sugar free)
Creamy cashew and maple based ‘cheesecake’ on top of a crunchy nut, seed and buckwheat base. Available in chocolate, raspberries and cream and mocha swirl.
$60 / serves 10-12

vegan cake

Spiced maple bundt cake (gf/df/veg/refined sugar free)
Spiced maple syrup cake topped with crushed nuts and caramel drizzle
$45 / serves 12